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Faith Beyond Furniture!

As a born again believer in Christ, I am bringing a shift to this blog. Not that furniture styles, colours, and sales are not important to me! However, while I own a furniture store, my faith is more of a priority to me than anything. Faith in God is foundational! My desire has been to bring my Heavenly Father glory through my business, as well as provide a great product and beautify homes. We love to hear that the atmosphere in our store is beautiful and peaceful, and also to have people notice that we are a faith-based business. I am now saying "we", as my husband is a pastor of a local church, and together we have continued to develop and improve what we offer in our store - both in furniture and in faith!

I will be regularly sharing my Christian life in this space. My hope is to bring glory to the One Who forever truly loves me, Jesus Christ. He is my very best Friend, and we've spent a lot of time together, Jesus doing the perfect teaching, and me doing the not-so-perfect learning!

As solid as we strive to make our furniture, my greatest desire and effort is to strengthen my faith in, and show others, the Solid Rock. He's where I stand! As you search our site, and perhaps step into our store, I hope you find the perfect furniture for your home. But, to be honest, what I really hope for is that you'll seek and find the Perfect Friend for your heart, Jesus Christ!



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