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Dining Chairs - what one is the best? Part 1.

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Are you a visual person? You prefer to see it and not just imagine it? What about sitting in those chairs you saw on the web and loved before you buy them? You're not the only one! We're happy to offer multiple different styles for you to sit in right in our showroom and those are the chairs I'm going to talk about today. Of course, if you decide to pop in and sit in the chair you love, please message us first to ensure we have one in stock for you to try out.

What chair is the best? What a question! There's multiple things to price points, comfort, and style. Today's post is chatting about price points!

When they are all good chairs, you don't have to worry about cheaping out. There are different price points so that's definitely a point to consider if you're working with a budget, but if you were concerned about going with a cheaper chair because they would be bad quality, send those worries away! Our line of chairs that feature great price points are wonderful quality and still provide that solid wood sturdiness you're in search of!

What chair is the cheapest! Great question! Our Ladderback + Mission stand out for their great price point at $137* unfinished and $207* stained 1 colour from our variety of stain options!

Next up is our a Farmhouse Shaker Chair, a brand new addition to the showroom! They are $156* unfinished and $226* stained 1 colour from our variety of stain options. Only a $19* increase from our Mission + Ladderback, but offering a completely different style!

Third place award goes to our Avenue chair, offering it's unfinished pricing at $209*, while it's finished price goes to $279* (1 stain colour from our selection!). Fourth is our Modern Shaker, priced at $218* unfinished and $288* stained 1 colour from our selection. And last, but not least, is our Contour Mission. Before I even get into pricing, let me tell you a little secret with this chair. It's got a deep seat - so don't rule it out until you sit in it! It runs at $254* unfinished and $324* stained 1 colour from our selection!

Stayed tuned for a post on the style these seven styles!

*All prices are subject to change without notice or adjustment to this blog post. All prices are subject to tax. All prices given were for wormy maple wood. All finished prices were for 1 standard stain only.


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