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Complementing Your New Furniture to Your Old Furniture!

You've made the decision to get a new piece of furniture and you want it to match your old furniture. You've found colours that are close, but aren't perfect and you're almost ready to call it good enough.

But have you thought of complementing your new furniture to your existing pieces?

They don't need to be the same! Start looking for a colour that you love and that looks great with your existing pieces without trying to match. Instead of having furniture just one shade too light, contrast, complement, and enjoy!

What are you trying to match?

If it's new chairs to an old dining table, consider giving the dining chairs a contrast. Choose a colour similar to the dining table for the seat and give the base a colour all of it's own.

What's your style?

Personal styles vary. What's yours?

Come on in and talk with us (store hours here), or feel free to email us anytime! Get your furniture from us.


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