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Checking Your List - Furniture Design🤍

It's time for some new furniture and you're excited (or maybe not!) about all the decisions that will come with it, especially if it's customized! What wood, what colour, what style, what size, what price...the list is long. But let us help!

What wood?

You may have noticed that a lot of our in-store furniture is wormy maple. Wormy maple is easier on the wallet, while keeping good quality, and wormy maple has a design all of it's own! Want a rustic look? Consider using this wood!

Maple is a step up, but leaves behind some of the design of wormy maple. Pair with your modern décor and you're good to go!

Oak is elegant. You could pair it with simple décor too, but stain an Oak Shaker Bed with one of our Early American stains (ask us which one!) and enjoy the smooth effect.

There are other woods as well! Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

What colour?

When choosing a colour for a new piece of furniture, consider the rest of your home and what you love. If you enjoy cozy fires and cinnamon candles take a peek into our brown shades! If the rest of your home is light, white + modern (and you love it!), consider a 2-tone.

What style?

Do you prefer detail or simple? Rustic or farmhouse? Modern? Or are you just looking for the perfect piece, whatever style that may be?

If it's a bed, do you want panels or slats? Footboard?

If it's a dining table, do you want it to be round? What kind of base suits your style and your needs?

What size?

When purchasing a bed, table, or a custom piece, size is good to know!

For a bed, do you want single, double, queen, or king? How high? Any special requests?

For a table, how wide? How long? Do you want it expandable?

*photo of 7 ft. expandable table

What price?

The price you want to pay may decide what kind of wood, whether to go for a 2-tone, what base you'd like for the table, and whether to get a queen or king size bed for you. Think on your budget and look for a piece that will suit your needs, your style, and your wallet!

Talk to us! If you have any questions about our furniture, let us know!


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