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Picking Styles To Make It a Set🤍

Happy Friday! Are you looking for a dining set, but just can't decide what chairs to put with your favourite table? Or maybe you've found a chair you love, but you haven't found the perfect dining table to go with it. Today's post is all about picking styles to make it a set.


A lot of tables can go with a lot of chairs. The Harvest Trestle Table above is a great example of that! Featured in the middle photo with the table is our Avalon Chair, which is actually going out of stock, however that chair looks fine as part of the set...and so would other chairs! So with leaving behind the elegant styles and going for something in between to rustic, matching the table's style, be choosy and pick your favourite chair.

Here's a few to think on!


Custom Extendable 2-Tone Table
Custom Extendable 2-Tone Table

This was a custom job that was completed late last year. The customers wanted the front legs of the chairs to match the legs of the table, which naturally tied them in as a set! When looking for chairs to match a table similar to this style, leave the rustic styles behind and go for something a little more elegant, like the customized Alexandria chairs these customers chose.


Basic 2-Tone Table
Basic 2-Tone Table

This table is quite basic with really nothing other than colour and wood type to try to coordinate with. The options are quite broad when looking for chairs to match, but what colour should you choose? You can 2-Tone it for a great match or clear coat your favourite chair!


Our River Table is a lovely live-edge table with a metal base. If you've fallen in with this table, but simply can't imagine what chair to put with it, let me help! Consider blacks & browns for colours...and for styles? Take a look at the chairs below!


Thanks for reading the post! If you have any questions let us know.

Leave a comment below and be sure to check back in for a response if you've asked a question!


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