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Home Sweet Cabin - Rustic Furniture🤎

Thinking about adding to your rustic collection of furniture? Or perhaps you haven't got any at all and you've fallen in love with the style! When it comes to giving your dining room or bedroom a cozy cabin feel, we can help!


Live-edge is a truly unique way to express your love for rustic styled furniture. Real live-edge is especially unique as two pieces are never exactly the same! Go fancy with our cherry live-edge bed frame pairing it with a traditional cherry nightstand or our live-edge cherry nightstand. Enjoy the simple loveliness with our butternut waterfall live edge coffee table in your living room.


Our Wood Lake Log Collection features both our traditional log and hickory log furniture! We have both dining and bedroom furniture in traditional log, as well as some living room furniture!


Our Kettle Creek Hickory Log Collection is still log, but it features a different look! It also has both dining and bedroom furniture.


Don't forget about our barnboard or beetlewood collections! While they aren't the same as log, they still express a rustic style.


Take a peek into our collections to see more furniture!

Not sure if the colour suits? Ask us about the custom options! We're here to help.

Disclaimer: Furniture mentioned in the post may not be posted on the website or may become unavailable. Please contact us with any questions.


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